Photoshop CC updated features

Unlike its predecessors, Photoshop CC is a constantly evolving application. New features are being added constantly which extend the range of Photoshop's capabilites and bring us new ways of working - without having to wait 18 months for the next major update. 

I'll be covering the most interesting updates here, with tutorial videos that show how to get the most out of these exciting new features. 

Spin Blur

How to use the new Spin Blur feature in the 2014 edition of Photoshop CC to create a spinning roulette wheel effect - courtesy of How to Cheat in Photoshop:

Making trees, part 1

The 14.2 update to Photoshop CC now includes the ability to build a wide variety of trees, which you can customise and place directly into your montages. Here's part 1 of a video that explains the basics of tree creation.

Making trees, part 2

In Making Trees part 1 we looked at the basics of using Photoshop's new tree generation tool. Here, we'll see how to take the process further and make the tree look like it belongs in this scene.

Perspective Warp

Perspective Warp is the simplest way to reorient an image in Photoshop, making it appear to have been photographed from a different angle. Here, we'll see how to use it to make a London bus fit the perspective of a different street.

Select Color Range

This tutorial shows how to use the new ability of the Select Color Range to select highlights, midtones and shadows to produce an almost instant day-for-night effect.